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2 min readJul 3, 2022

I woke up to the most enlightening dream I have had in my entire life, I think. Enlightening dreams are not usual nor forgettable. So I think, this was sincerely a gift from the Heavens for me to… — you guessed? Let go.

I had the good reflex to record myself talking about the dream and the conclusions. It was fascinating just to get the answers out of my own mouth. Live. Talking and listening at the same time. How wonderful. I have a great idea and I will pursue it. Nothing is ever holding me back. I have found closure without any of your words or apologies that I unconsciously expected; I'm done, and I am never looking back on you. (Mental note: I cannot believe I wasted so much mental energy in these people. Happened to you, too?)

Good news is that I'm thriving my dude; ideas are floating like the shore at night: How I thought this darkness was confusing, but now that I can see better, it's all at the tip of my toe, at an arm-length of reach, I just walk by, I don't fucking care. You can all judge me if you want, I do not care: I have never ever been more awake.

I take a minute to breathe. I feel so grateful, though. The lessons, the people, I go by. I won't stop, I won't conform myself. Mme Woolf is right, I have my own room and my money and I will fucking use it for myself. How, this sounds, coming from a woman, so selfish, right? I couldn't fucking love it more. I don't give a damn. I will not edit my thoughts, cut them, to fit better on your ears.
Take it or leave it. I don't need applause.

(I am going to cook right now. Bye.)

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